Film Death Note (2015) Episode 10 + Subtitle

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Film Death Note (2015) Episode 10 + Subtitle

Movie Dorama starring the faces of young and new entrants in perdorama late Japanese figure of Light given to Masataka Kubota (N no Tame ni) are some of this year is always getting the lead role in the drama, Kubota fairly characterless but whether it can compete with Tatsuya Fujiwara became Yagami that is confident, arrogant, cunning with a facial expression that meyankinkan, while also kakarater "L" that has been attached once to Kenichi Matsuyama, who became a detective mysterious act unnatural and have a brilliant mind didrama was handed over to the handsome actor Kento Yamazaki (L-DK Live action) that is kabanyakan plays a cool guy. In addition to both of them also presented selian Mass character was no new figure named "N".

The story is more or less the same as the anime and film but didrama is yagami Light (played Masataka Kubota) is not a student super genius but rather a regular student whose hobby is watching idol groups that accidentally get a notebook of death where when he recorded the person's name, that person will have a heart attack and die.

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Film Death Note (2015) Episode 10 + Subtitle


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