Cherry Blossom Memories (2016) Full Movie

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Cherry Blossom Memories (2016) Full Movie

Title/ IMDB:
Genre: Drama
Cast: Maika Yamamoto, Koudai Asaka, Ryohei Hirota
Source: DVDRip
Format: mp4, 2ch
Language: Japanese

Miku (Maika Yamamoto) is a second year secondary school understudy. Her school is situated on the shoreline of a residential community. She is an individual from the school's tune club. Miku is withdrawn, yet prefers singing and has affections for Haru (Koudai Asaka), the leader of the melody club. One day, Teacher Meiko (Tomoko Tabata), the guide of the ensemble club, chooses to resign. For the last theme rivalry amid Teacher Meiko's residency, she trusts the chorale club can win in front of the pack. Instructor Meiko chooses a troublesome tune for the theme rivalry which the understudies didn't anticipate. The understudies need to sing "Sakura no Ame" for the opposition. Disagreement develops inside the theme club.


Cherry Blossom Memories (2016) Full Movie


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